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Brand Strategy & Websites

I'm currently accepting select clients for crafting brand style guides and websites that are pleasantly straightforward, supports your goals and just screams you.

Clarity Sessions

If you want to pursue a creative career or business (or maybe you're already in the middle of it) and need some guidance, together we'll expand your vision, refine your plans and turn your ideas into action.



What other creatives are saying:

"She has earned the right to help others know that they have a great deal of options even if they didn't finish college. She's a good listener, a big asset in a noisy world. I especially love talking to her in person. She makes me feel comfortable about conversing." – Sofia Cope

"Chiara is one of the few whose insights I truly value though only 21 years old, someone in the same arena of freelance and entrepreneurship who is slaying. Because she is a doer." – Nikki Ocean

"Chiara has a proclivity towards excellence. She constantly puts great thought and effort in her projects, which tells you a lot about her work ethic. She has an enthusiasm for learning, adamant in her desire to grow as a person. She is passionate without being lofty, taking initiative and going after what she wants with integrity, courage and determination." – Isa Garcia

"Chiara's pictures are amazing. It has a Chiara feel to it. It's refreshing, kinda hipster but not overly hipster, it's not filtered and still sharp." – Phoebe Rutaquio

"Her presence is so positive and inviting. It's the kind of energy that brings out the best in people and I love that she walks around, spreading that." – Caprice Patawaran

"She gives us something to really look at. Not the kind of blog that you just click, view and exit." – Hazel Levanza

What makes me gravitate towards Chiara is her fearlessness, her flip-the-table-don’t-really-care-about-what-you-think kind of attitude that is both awe-inspiring and confusing at times. Most people don’t know genius when they’re faced with it but I strongly believe that she is a game-changer. People will look to people like her – the self-starters, the self-taught, the courageous hustlers – as the pioneers of what kind of life is possible for them.
— Zeus Martinez