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Clarity Sessions

For years I would receive messages from both friends and strangers, asking me questions about a variety of topics – from photography, writing, freelancing, building a business, marketing with integrity, my opinions on this and that, where I find my inspiration, even up to how I stay so positive when my life isn't going as planned.

Clarity Sessions are creative consultations that allow us to sit down for a 1-on-1 conversation for 2 hours. You decide what we cover. I'll use my experience and know-how to help in any way I can!

Of course I don't have answers to everything, but if you find that you trust my taste and need maybe a portfolio review, creative guidance, freelance advice or want to cover general topics related to creative entrepreneurship, I'm all ears, and I'm ready to help.

What to expect: lots of talking. You will tell me your thoughts, your ideas and your feelings and in return I will give you invaluable resources, tools, and advice.

DURATION: 2 hours
FORMAT: In-Person or Skype

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