9 Apps I Can’t Live Without

I meant to keep this short, but I failed. I'm a productivity nerd. Let me be!

But also I know these apps will change your life! So let's cut to the chase – here at the 9 apps I swear I'd die without.

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Downloadable apps here:

Things / Instagram / JW Library / MindNode / Spotify / Google Suite


This kinda hurt my wallet but I took a risk and wow, I don’t know what magic this app does but I’m getting all my tasks done so efficiently. I’ve come a long way to get here — from post-its, planners, manually creating calendars on my notebooks and using colored pens/pencils to group details together. Now it's just done done done and done! It's hard to explain, so see for yourself!

Google Calendar

If Things is for tasks, Google Calendar is for meetings, travels and events. Features of GCal that I love most: how I simply drag “events” to reschedule, color segmentation (in my case, I have purple for work, beige for my personal life) and how my Macbook and iPhone syncs my schedules seamlessly. I’ll share how I organize my Things & Google Cal to work together on another post!


This is the lifeblood of my work. After I arrange key ideas on MindNode, I head to Notes for the nitty gritty. This is where I get all of my writing down, collate hundreds of screenshots and references and also where I quickly jot down ideas when I’m out (syncing is amazing). The only thing is, this app is only available for MacBook and iOS devices. Otherwise, Evernote is another great option regardless of your device.

Bookmarks (on Safari)

Ok, technically this isn’t an app, but I don’t know what I’d do without bookmarks and it’s such an underrated feature of all web browsers! I’m always exploring the world wide web and finding many beautiful things here and there, so bookmarking has become a necessity for me. Some examples of my saved folders: Brands & concepts I love, Endless learning (for online classes/workshops I want to take up), Homemade remedies and Wanderlust.


If I were to choose only one social app to use for the rest of my life, it’d be Instagram. It’s where I could share and express myself most and at the same time, where I find the most honest work and expressions of creatives I admire from all over the world. Bye Facebook!

JW Library

I've probably read over a hundred books in my lifetime, and even more articles on self-help, finding real joy and living a fulfilling life. But where I find the most valuable, timeless wisdom and advice is in the Bible. I used to think it was lame to be honest but now I can't even sleep without meditating on 1-3 chapters from my mini Bible before I pray and zzz. It changed my life. And since I can't always bring my Bible when I'm out or traveling, the JW Library app comes in handy. What's so special about this version of the Bible is that it’s simplified and translated as closely to the original manuscripts as possible. Such a beautiful translation that sinks down to my heart. Not to mention the many awesome Bible-based publications and media. Other features I love: great user experience, clean designs and high quality everything.


Fun fact about me: my mind never stops working. I joke sometimes that my mind has a mind of its own. And I guess it’s because of this that I love writing. If I can’t get my thoughts and ideas and feelings down on paper, I’d probably die from brain overload. For years, to organize my thoughts I’d jot down everything that goes on in my mind in one piece of paper (it’ll look like a huge piece of crap of course), re-organize them on another piece of paper (throw out draft 1), re-organize those ideas further (throw out draft 2), and on and on until…  well basically, forever. When I discovered MindNode, I felt so bad for myself for putting up with my old workflow for years. But now I’m just grateful that my life, my goals, my ideas and my concepts are all tucked away beautifully in form of mindmaps that I can easily look back on any time I want!


Music is one of my sources of daily inspiration and it practically controls my mood and thoughts for whatever situation. So whether I'm driving, writing, designing, fixing my room or casually lying down and meditating, Spotify is a must. I also really love discovering new music so I'm happy I graduated from clicking video after video on Youtube with Spotify's well-curated playlists.


Google has built such robust tools for productivity, business and everyday living. I mean, seriously Google, how can we exist without emails now? And Drive, and Forms, Spreadsheets! Basically, we can't.