I failed for the nth time. Now what?

Six years, over ten concepts, still no solid line of work.

I’ve called myself a theatre artist, fashion stylist, photographer, poet, an apothecary, a creative entrepreneur, now I'd like to be a designer.

I’ve broken down Shakespearean plays, shot over 60 creative shoots, pulled all nighters organizing events, read hundreds of articles and books on building startups. I’ve organized meetups, workshops and fairs and created multimedia content for my biz Hey Kin. I've met hundreds of amazing creatives from different fields and discovered new passions along the way.

Yet somehow, I'm still adrift.

I feel like I should be embarrassed.

But the funny thing is, I'm not at all.

I won't deny my decisions and plans are odd and different and far off from everybody else's path to their own version of success. My life isn't so normal either. It can be uncomfortable and weird and full of uncertainty, but I love that it's full of possibilities.

I'm grateful for my failures because I see that there also comes my biggest wins.

For one, I've acquired many skills.

When I dropped out of college, the only thing I knew how to do was take photos and write. Now I can design marketing collaterals, build websites, host events and craft business strategies. I'm able to turn my ideas into tangible brands, lead small but mighty teams, manage multiple projects, do lots of problem solving and researching, many things I never imagined myself doing. I don't think I would've learned this much if I sticked to one thing from the beginning.

Second, I understand myself better.

I know what works for me and what doesn't. I know my strengths, my weaknesses, how I work best and the values I live by.  I'm in touch with my intuition and my emotions. I have control over my actions, as opposed to only following norms and trends. It's a kind of beautiful empathy with myself, and I think that this connection with my inner being – my thoughts, my feelings, my values, my perspectives – allows me to really live a life I can be proud of.

And so I realize, and always remind myself that the failures are necessary.

All the setbacks and mistakes are exactly the kind of essential experiences you need to go through to reach deeper potentials and wider opportunities.

Be proud of yourself if you're out there creating, even if it means making wrong calls or totally moving on to another profession eventually.

I'm still unsure about "what's next" for me career-wise, but this year I don't wanna think about any of those too much. I just want to focus on learning and creating for myself again, and see where that'll take me.

I'm so excited to make this space my own, and also a tiny peephole for you to be able to see my process behind the scenes. Expect lots of experiments and random journal entries through the moths to come. I have a huge feeling it's going to be epic, and I hope you'll enjoy everything and learn as much as I will!


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