Ideas are easy, everyday action is everything

 Sample vision board I made for my previous business Eden & June. Photos grabbed from Pinterest, Instagram and other websites. I don't take credit for any of these photos and graphics :)

Sample vision board I made for my previous business Eden & June. Photos grabbed from Pinterest, Instagram and other websites. I don't take credit for any of these photos and graphics :)

It all starts with an idea.

A little pea of possibility in your brain.

And then it grows a little each day — you shape it and bend it and mold it and switch tiny pieces around until it feels right.

You obsess over it. Or maybe you don’t consciously think about it, but you let it simmer at the back of your head. 

You talk to your closest friends about it. Bring it up during a casual family conversation that turns into a “business meeting” with your aunt, mom and sisters.

They like your idea. You’re all excited!

Then comes the action part. And all of a sudden you’re dragging your feet.

Turns out it’s not that easy making your big ideas come to life.

You feel overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make, discouraged by the setbacks, and truthfully impatient with your progress.

“Why can’t it be easier?!”

Well, it can be! And really, it should be!

Let me teach you three simple steps to make executing a lot less stressful, and a lot more fulfilling.


1. Keep it small, simple and straight to the point.

I know they say you should dream big, but I believe you gotta dream simple first if you want to get anywhere without feeling overwhelmed and overworked — which btw are your two worst enemies throughout this journey.

What helps is to keep your idea as narrow as humanly possible. If you want to have a clothing line for example, don’t feel pressured to create a full selection of tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, etc. right away. You can start with literally one specific item (or service) and get really good at producing and marketing that one thing first before adding more to your list of offerings. This allows you to get really good at one thing at a time, and helps you to be remembered specifically for one signature product/service first instead of being a confusing mishmash of everything. 

If you like the idea of keeping your business small and simple, you have to read the book Lean Startup by Eric Ries. So much wisdom!


2. Stay playful!

Repeat after me x10 every morning: you don’t need to have everything figured out.

You don’t have to decide now who you are, what you do and how you want to live your life forever. Things aren’t set on stone, and your plans will likely change as you continue to learn and discover more through the years.

So instead of tying yourself down, allow space for change, growth and lots of experiments. Running a business can be something much more fluid and free and organic. Don't be too rigid about systems and money.

If you’re having fun, it’ll emulate in the work you do, and your customers will just feel that and want to support that.


3. Allow your vision to guide your everyday actions.

Cluttered ideas make for cluttered action. So start by keeping your notes and references organized in one place, as one solid vision.

It can be as simple as creating a mood board where you collate pictures and graphics from the Internet (or anywhere else) to create a collage of things you want to manifest in your business, and in your life. When you put effort and care into writing your visions, it will come alive for you. And it will inspire you to action everyday.

Lemme show you how I do it for my business concepts! I have to admit I go a bit overboard with concept decks complete with color motif and branding and copy ideas, but only because this really helps me to organize my fuzzy ideas into more concrete strategies. See here.


So hey, I want you to know how proud I am of you for being so brave and going on this long journey. Getting from 0 to 1 is tough work, and you’re doing amazing. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for what you’ve accomplished so far. Now you just have to keep going and remember to keep it simple, have fun, and stay focused on your vision!