May 2018 Pinteresting

Yup, I’m just like you.

Spending hours pinning pretty pictures on Pinterest, acting like I have all the time in the world and no other more important tasks lined up on my to do list. And then totally regretting my life decisions at the end of the day when I realize I didn't getting anything else done.

Oh well. At least I got inspired!

Here are some of my favorite pins just this month.

I'm guessing I'm drawn towards these colors because of the summery sunsets I've been watching the past few weeks here in Manila. I love the play of baby blue, egg yolk orange, pinks and purples in the sky. Yum.

Also, let's talk about details on:

  1. Classic clothing – I love effortless yet timeless pieces that I can pair with a lot of my other clothes and use a hundred times until I die. Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration but you know what I mean. I avoid prints and bright colors and go for comfy basics like blouses, denim jeans and unique vintage pieces that may not always be on-trend but feels so much like me.
  2. Pretty packaging – There's something totally satisfying with buying only from brands whose personality, purpose and packaging I feel connected with. And nowadays I totally judge products by their cover. Find my local favorite brands here.
  3. Fresh fruits – Summer here in Manila means extra supplies of oranges, dalandans, papayas, grapes and my fave, pomelos! I eat them every day, and maybe even skip my rice meals for them when I'm too lazy to prep real food. Oops. (Sorry mom, if you're reading this.)
  4. Faded photos with lots of grain – Never been really into white-washed, vivid photos anyway so there's nothing new here. I like them pics grainy and imperfect. I'm accepting bookings for fashion and portrait shoots by June by the way! Shoot me a message if you've got some ideas or products that'll make for beautiful photos :)
  5. Vintage designs – I got into branding and design just this year, and I notice that my eyes are drawn towards quirky, feminine, carefree, slightly vintage designs. I'm so excited to see how my design inspos will influence my upcoming projects and experiments!
  6. Creamy one-colored eyeshadows – Fun fact about me, I'm the laziest when it comes to makeup. I put my everyday makeup look with bare fingers, all under 5 minutes in the car usually so I need no-fuss products that I can carry around and apply easily. Currently I'm obsessed with Glossier's Generation G lipstick in Leo which I also use as an eyeshadow. Works like magic.

That's it for this month!

If you're feeling impatient with this monthly pinteresting post, follow me over Pinterest for my almost-daily pins. Promise most of them are cute!