A Minimalist’s Guide to Skincare

Acne. Sun spots. Uneven skin tones. Some of my biggest enemies and secret insecurities for years now.

I mean, who doesn’t want to have nice skin right?

I used to feel guilty about wanting all of them gone. I felt like I was being this vain little teenager, and that I was being influenced to look like the picture-perfect girls I’d see on magazines. But later on I discovered that nope, acne is actually practically a sickness that should be fixed. It’s almost a necessity.

And so starts my lo(oooooooooo)ng skincare journey. A life-long one, for sure.

I’m thinking of making a video to share my routine plus some tips, but for now I wanna talk about the basic rules of the skincare game, specially for girls who have sensitive problematic skin who don’t have the money to waste on products and techniques that might not even work for them. I see you! And I gotchu on this!


Find a dermatologist who would love your skin as much you do!

It’s downright the best investment you could ever make for your skincare, and it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. After years of jumping from one derm clinic to another, I’ve finally found the most amazing dermatologist who loves and cares for my skin maybe even more than I do! And I love her so much!

I basically visit her every couple of months for my acne facial and do an annual skin peeling for exfoliation.

To me the best part about having a dermatologist is having a full understanding of what’s going on with my skin. She helped me understand the possible causes of my acne, gave me a balanced perspective on how I can cure/maintain it (not some magic solution woowoo) and she even calls me out on my hairstyles (she hated my full bangs because y'know, bacteria) and gets mad at me when I eat too much chocolates. Cute!

It doesn’t have to be trial and error all the time.

And yes I’m talking about trying out the bajillion gazillion products for skincare available on the market.

It’s tempting to give everything a try, especially when your friends blab nonstop or you find so much good reviews about them but remember: just because certain products work for other people, it doesn’t mean you’ll get the same results.

That’s because we have different skin types, timezones, climates, allergies and even genes we have to consider.

In my opinion, the simpler the better. The less, the more effective. Stick to the basics, whatever those basics mean for your own skin type.

For my acne-prone skin I just wash my face with a gentle tea tree-based cleanser, use a toner to exfoliate lightly, and alternate my Glossier Super Bounce with my Meow Meow Tweet Lavender Oil for moisturizing. I also apply face masks once a week for a deeper exfoliation. When I’m peeling, my derma gives me a special medicated cream I have to apply on my face before sleeping. And on daytime I just put either my clear sunblock gel or tinted sunscreen as base to protect my face from the sun, and done!

Also feel free to ask your dermatologist about the products you’d like to try. They’ll be able to read through the ingredient list and tell you if it’s a no-go or if you should give it a try :)

Do the little things. They all add up eventually!

I read somewhere that a healthy skin is a mirror of a healthy mind and body. So drink lots of water everyday, sleep for more than 7 hours daily, exercise and get rid of as much stress in your life. Plus of course, avoid giving in to your cravings. I'm still failing at some of these badly… so we’re in this together ;)